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We are a software and product development studio founded by a group of engineers and designers with extensive experience at tech firms who sustain a laser-like attention on the results for the client. Our team includes researcher, product managers, software engineers and product designers. Delivering cutting-edge engineering solutions and creating ground-breaking software is what drives us.
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Meet the team
We are a group of individuals who sustain a laser-like attention on the results for the client.

Nasrulloh Fath

Co-Founder - Managing Directors
Years of experience in troubleshooting human and computer interactions, he excels in solving problems through various approaches. His adeptness lies in addressing challenges with multifaceted strategies, showcasing a keen understanding of the complex dynamics between people and technology.

Darvin Sinaga

Co-Founder - Director of Technology
Darvin is a seasoned software engineer, showcasing proficiency in the comprehensive life cycle of software systems. His commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures the continuous optimization and efficiency of software operations under his purview.

Aditya Pramana

Creative Designer
Creative designer with experience working in digital agencies and educational platforms, enabling her to apply creative ideas in the problem-solving and design process.

Hendra Gunawan

Senior Frontend Developer
Seasoned in the realm of frontend development, he brings five years of experience to the table, showcasing specialization in Javascript, Typescript, React, Vuejs, and React Native. His proficiency extends beyond conventional boundaries, as he consistently pioneers innovative solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of frontend technologies.

Wandika Pangaribuan

Senior Microservice Developer
Bringing 6 years, he is well-versed in Springboot, Java, OOP, Apache Kafka, MariaDB, and MongoDB. Having honed his skills during his tenure at Blibli.com, currently contributes DBS Bank. His proven track record underscores his commitment to excellence in crafting and implementing cutting-edge technologies within the financial tech landscape.

Rada Safa

Frontend Developer - External Contributor
Safa has dynamic software development skills and expertise. With work experience with overseas companies, she is solid in technical knowledge and communication.

Reza Antika

Frontend Developer - External Contributor
A dynamic and skillful person in solving problems, Reza is an exploratory individual. Having a strong foundation as an FE, she is adaptive to work individually as well as in teams.

Rushikesh Sawane

Senior Engineer, Product and Platform Engineering - External Contributor
Senior Engineer specializing in Product and Platform Engineering, brings an extensive 8 years of invaluable experience to the tech domain. Currently contributing his expertise at Altimetrik India Pvt. Ltd., his skill set encompasses a mastery of React, React Native, Vue JS, and Typescript. With a robust background and a proven track record, he is at the forefront of driving innovative solutions in the dynamic landscape of product and platform engineering.
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